From the President
Advances in the depth and breadth of medical technology and care, combined with a growing and aging U.S. population, have dramatically increased our need for qualified physicians and specialists. Yet sadly, the numbers of health care providers falls far short of meeting our communities’ needs, especially in Maine, where many towns are struggling with a shortage of primary care physicians and having difficulties recruiting specialists.

To help ease the shortage of qualified physicians, Maine Medical Center, nationally recognized for excellence in many clinical disciplines, and Tufts University School of Medicine, one of the nation’s finest medical schools, have teamed up to bring a new model of medical education to the state.

The program includes:

• Access to an excellent undergraduate medical education for qualified Maine students — at a reasonable cost

• The latest and most innovative curriculum, with a focus on team training and evidence-based practice

• An underlying commitment to developing skills for rural healthcare

• A Maine-based educational experience. Students’ entire third and fourth years, and much of the first and second, will be based in the Pine Tree State

• Expanded classroom facilities, utilizing simulation capacity at Maine Medical Center and a robust network of clinical settings throughout the state

I’m proud to say that Maine Medical Center is recognized as a superb teaching hospital — one of the finest in the Northeast — and our medical school partnership with Tufts will bring long-term and far-reaching health care benefits for the entire State of Maine.

In fact, this partnership may be our most significant contribution to Maine’s future, and will directly impact both the access to and quality of health care available to future generations of Maine citizens.

I’m very excited about this new venture. First, because it offers access to a high quality medical education at a reasonable cost, with a significant portion of the educational experience in Maine; second – and more importantly – our partnership with Tufts encourages our best and brightest to enter a rewarding health care career and help secure Maine’s future.

I hope you’ll join us as we work together to shape the future of health care in Maine.

Warm regards,

Richard W. Petersen, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer


Richard W. Petersen,
President and Chief Executive Officer