The Arts at MMC
"Thousands of people turn to Maine Medical Center for care each day.  We believe that the environment in which that care is provided is integral to the healing process.  Art in its many forms can and will enhance the Maine Medical Center experience for our patients, families, visitors and staff".

Rich Petersen, President and CEO


The Maine Medical Center Arts Program engages the hospital in the arts and humanities to further support and enhance patient and family centered care. (MMC Art Committee, April 1, 2005)

• Integration of art into the healing environment supports the patient's, visitor's and staff's physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Artwork provides an opportunity to find comfort in the unfamiliar medical environment and lifts the spirits. It creates visual interest, tells a story, engages the viewer and should be incorporated into all the public and patient care areas. The arts fully reflect and support the Maine Medical Center’s mission of providing safe patient and family centered care.
• The artistic, cultural and environmental diversity of Maine and its people are showcased.
• The arts programs will become part of the Maine Medical Center culture and will be planned, coordinated and sustained.

Artwork in page banner above:
Claudia Diller, Peaceful Morning, Giclee on Paper
Margaret Gerding, Goose Neck Marsh, Oil on Panel
Judith Ellis Glickman, Island Glenn, Great Diamond Island Photography


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