MCCP Board of Directors

The mission of the Maine Children's Cancer Program Board of Directors is to advance the program's purpose by securing community funding and serving as program advocates.

Board of Directors
Marlise Montgomery, President
Marian Albee
Andrew Brenner
Michelle Cilea
Cindy Convery
Kathleen Cotterly
Michael Desjardins
Steve DiMillo, Jr.
Rick Drouin
Kathy Edelman
Jason Hanley
Kyle Hodgkins
Geoff Iacuessa
Andrew Majewski
Maggie Mullin
Jon Paradise
Joanne Payeur
Suzanne Posey
Coral Rabey
Matt Rogers
Dan Smith
Gretchen Spann
Michael Turcotte

Honorary Board Members
Susan Ayer
John Bay
Dan Crewe
William Dunnett
John Fridlington
Bob Graves
Craig Hurwitz, M.D.
Lee Jones
Betty Jurgensen
Larry Laderbush
Don Richard
Connie Robinson
Chris Rogers
Julie Russem
Roger Sicard
Barbara Turitz
Diane Volk
Susan Whitehouse

John Bancroft, M.D., Chief of Pediatrics
Susan Doliner, Vice President for Philanthropy
Ashton Hunter-Sildve, Philanthropy Coordinator
Eric Larsen, M.D., MCCP Medical Director
Debra Matson, MCCP Program Administrator
Nancy Matteson, CRNI, BSN, MCCP Nursing Director
Matthew Parks, Director of Philanthropy, Annual & Special Giving
Tara Studley, Philanthropy Manager

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