MCCP Staff Listing

Stanley Chaleff, MD
Eric Larsen, MD, Medical Director
Jessica Pollard, MD

S. Ashley Speckhart, MD
Aaron Weiss, DO

Shannon Cole, BSN, CPON
Jennifer Levasseur, BSN, CPHON
Pamela Libby, BSN,CPON, Transplant Coordinator
Nancy Matteson, CRNI, BSN, CPON, Clinical Manager

Katherine Mullen, BSN, CPON, Transplant Coordinator
Jay Westra, BSN, CPHON, Education Liaison Nurse
Amy Boucher, CLS, Clinical Assistant

Social Workers
Beth Eilers, LCSW
Dee-Dee Hogan, LCSW

Elizabeth Murray, LCSW

Clinical Research Associates
Kathleen Glick, CCRP
Stephanie Verwys, CRA
Jason Viggiano, CRA

Administrative Staff
Pamela Belanger, Medical Secretary
Karen Crowley, Medical Secretary

Anita Manchester, File Clerk
Joyce Mills, Referral Specialist

Director, Practice Operations

Debra Matson

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