Your support of education at Maine Medical Center enables us to excel as a leading teaching hospital.

It is well documented that teaching hospitals attract medicine’s finest clinicians, create an environment of innovation that results in new cures and treatments, and ultimately provide patients with better outcomes.

We welcome you to become a supporter of one of Maine Medical Center’s top educational funding projects:

TUSM.MMC Maine Track Program *Top Strategic Priority*

In 2008 MMC partnered with Tufts University to create the Tufts University School of Medicine / Maine Medical Center Maine Track medical education program, an innovative model of education for the state of Maine. With the goal of reversing Maine’s physician shortage and making medical education an affordable option for Mainers, money raised for the program is primarily applied to the scholarship funds that make this program a success. Endowed scholarships, in particular, are an opportunity to amplify your impact on the health of Mainers in perpetuity. Call us, or read more.

Nursing Education and Scholarship Funds

Our highly skilled and specialty trained nurses work with medical staff, patients and families as an integral part of the care team. Their leadership, knowledge, compassion, and commitment to high quality patient care is unmatched and evidenced by the Magnet status – the most prestigious nursing credentialing level. Support of nursing education and scholarship funds ensure our nurses have access to the most advanced methods of patient care.

Mini Med School

The Mini-Med School is a week-long summer program that provides college students with a hands-on introduction to what a career in medicine is all about. It proves to be an effective tool to encourage Maine students to pursue a degree in medicine and is one way we can begin to reverse the physician shortage that threatens healthcare accessibility across the state. We run the program twice a summer. Each week costs $5,000 to run the program and cover each of the 10 participant’s expenses. This is a great sponsorship opportunity.

Simulation Center

A high-tech simulation training center rounds out our unique education opportunities. Medical students, residents and current medical staff can learn and enhance their skills on a variety of computerized patient simulators and actor patients. The center includes realistic operating and trauma rooms and provides a safe, efficient method to practice medical knowledge and get clinical experience in a virtual environment.

Physician Residency and Fellowship Programs

MMC supports over 200 residents and fellows in 11 residencies and 8 fellowships approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Each program is the responsibility of a full-time program director and more than 500 highly qualified attending physicians that serve as faculty. Call us to learn more about these opportunities for support.

Integrative or Complementary Alternative Medicine

Being patient and family centered means that we recognize the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare that makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative. Maine Medical Center’s Division of Family Medicine has been a proponent of Integrative Medicine since 2002 when its commitment to facilitating an active Integrative Medicine Residency program began.Giving in support of the Integrative Medicine Residency and Fellowship programs at MMC helps to grow a unique opportunity that consistently retains practitioners in Maine that provide high quality primary care with emphasis on Osteopathic principles and treatment in their practice and teaching.

Community Education

Maine Medical Center also offers a wide array of health education programs such as childbirth education, skin and prostate cancer screenings, support groups and programs tailored to business and community groups.


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