Donations from our community have helped Maine Medical Center implement the Eat, Sleep, Console program for substance exposed newborns; launch the Opioid Health Home model to support uninsured patients; provide coordinated care for pregnant women with substance use disorder receiving prenatal care at MMC; and create an Addiction Medicine Fellowship.


Looking ahead, we plan to pilot an exciting new program for group treatment for prenatal care, and focus on adolescent preventative health visits. We hope you'll join us in supporting these and other initiatives for opioid use disorder prevention and long-term recovery. 


Opioid Use Disorder Support

As the opioid crisis continues to take lives, Maine Medical Center maintains its commitment to seeking innovative solutions to address this complex public health issue.

With your support, we can expand resources, treatment options and understanding of substance use disorders in our communities. Women with opioid use disorder will be able to deliver healthier babies, uninsured patients will be able to receive specialized treatment, and medical staff can gain valuable knowledge.

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