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Today's groundbreaking research study could be tomorrow's lifesaving treatment


Research enhances the quality of care we deliver to our patients. In our laboratories and at the bedside, research is an essential part of Maine Medical Center’s mission. We need the help of generous individuals like you who understand the value of research at this caliber. By raising private gifts to supplement federal/state grants and other revenue, our scientists and physicians can continue to work together to solve our most challenging medical issues.



Giving to Research

When you donate to research, you bring more of the latest scientific discoveries to patients’ bedsides and improve the quality of care they receive. You support research projects which help us better understand disease processes, and develop better diagnostics and treatments. Your donation to research at MaineHealth Institute for Research (MHIR) is an investment in healthcare innovations and new treatments that offer hope.

If you have a specific research area of support for your donation, please indicate in the comments. Please allow 30 seconds for your donation to be processed.

Thank you!

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